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A wiki dedicated to the game The Dark Egg. Here, you'll find information about the Story, Places, Items, NPCs, Combat, and much more. The game currently has a playable demo and the full game is currently being developped, soon to be released in Q1 2024.
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In this text adventure RPG developed by Transcend Pixels Transcend pixels logo, you travel by boat to an old island, intent on finding the Dark Egg. You will meet many strange people, and encounter things that should not exist, yet stare you in the face regardless.

Every choice you make matters and shapes the story. You will solve puzzles, face enemies, and must explore every corner of the island to make it to your Egg.

Of course, not everyone can make it. Perhaps you might find your ending somewhere else, or, like the others, decide your goals have changed along the way.

The Dark Egg was successfully funded on Kickstarter Logo Kickstarter on 23rd of February in 2023.

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Current Version : 0.5.7